Grain and vegetable oil transportation potential in Ukraine [2009]

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1. Regional pattern of production in Ukraine in 2007 to 2009. canola, barley and wheat (by class), sunflower, rapeseed and sunflower oil in the context of:
1.1. Sown area
1.2. Yields
1.3. Gross fees
1.4. Capacities for the production of vegetable oils and their regional structure
2. Plants for biodiesel production in Ukraine:
2.1. Applicable, their characteristics (location, capacity, owners)
2.2. Ongoing projects, their characteristics, the planned entry time
3. Organization of shipments for each product from the place of harvest
3.1. Direct options: auto, w / d
3.2. Granary (elevators)
3.2.1. Central Ukraine
3.2.2. Southern Ukraine
3.2.3. Eastern Ukraine
4. Characteristics of Ukrainian ports in the context of Grain
4.1. Power in the context of ports (sea and river), their technological characteristics (depth, piers, terminals, storage tanks, power handling), owners
4.2. Handling volumes in 2007-2009.
4.3. Planned projects in ports, their characteristics (the owner, the power, the planned commissioning of the time)
5. Sales mix of cereals, oils and biodiesel in the nomenclature in 2007-2009.:
5.1. Export and domestic
5.2. Exports (by country)
5.3. Mode of transport for supply
5.4. Land crossings
5.5. Forecast sales of grain, oil and biodiesel through 2015
6. Transit flows of grain, oil and biodiesel via Ukraine
6.1. Country of origin
6.2. Country of destination
6.3. Transshipment ports
6.4. Land crossings
6.5. Forecast of transit for the period up to 2015

grain, vegetable oil, transportation, cargo, Ukraine, agriculutre, development strategies