Application of trade protection instruments

(Protection of the domestic market from unfair imports)

Ukraine as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Ukrainian producers have at their disposal an efficient mechanism to protect the domestic market from unfair competition from foreign manufacturers of industrial products and raw materials when they are imported to Ukraine — dumping and special protective measures.

Preparation of materials for initiating special or dumping investigations concerning unfair imports to Ukraine.

Our experts prepare materials for initiating special or dumping investigations against unfair imports of industrial products and raw materials to Ukraine. Manufacturers are able to coordinate thier legal support with our partners — lawyers, which have positive experience in dumping and special investigations.

Activity of IDA Strategy Consultants professionals concerning protecttion of the domestic market from unfair competition includes the following:

By order of a domestic producer (or a profile manufacturers association) we investigate and determine whether there are sufficient and official grounds for initiating special or dumping investigation: the presence of increasing or dumped imports, damage (or threat of damage) to the national industry caused (or expected to cause) by this import. In case of the above mentioned reasons we can suggest the best way for an investigation to a national producer (or producers associations).

According to the results of the preliminary investigation (investigation of grounds) our specialists together with the national producer work on the Complaint (or Application) for violation further dumping (or special) investigation and its further submission to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Complaint (or Application) include the investigated goods production volumes in Ukraine, the list of manufacturers of specified products, imports and exports, the market breakdown by manufacturers, information about the country of the defendant (capacities, production, exports to Ukraine and third countries, the level of domestic prices and exports prices to Ukraine and third countries), information about transportation cost of products, etc.

Representation of interests of claimant or defendant (as an economic advisor) in the process of already started investigation.

In the process of already started and continuing investigation our experts upon your request can officially participate in the meetings and hearings on the case, roundtables, industry meetings as an economic advisor. We are preparing all relevant economic information to accompany the investigation, including its analytical studies and expert comments and conclusions, involving technical and technological experts and, if necessary, representatives of the academic and scientific circles. We indicated the official sources of origin of information for all information materials.

Our experience.

Our experts have participated in preparation of materials and accompanied more than ten special and dumping investigations, including 50% ended with application of restrictive measures and protection of domestic producers.

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