Development Strategies

Our company provides strategic planning (long-term planning for a period of 10 years) as on the level of companies so on the level of certain industries (sectors) of the economy. Long-term planning is a necessary component for making any strategic decisions of companies, industries.

Development strategies of companies.

Our experts together with involved industry experts develop the strategy for some companies to achieve the desired state of development of those companies in the future via implementation of the certain steps proposed by us using the strengths to achieve abilities and goals (or neutralization of threats). Development strategies of companies are directed to the long term perspective with forecasting term from 5 to 20 years.

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Within the strategy we:

  • evaluate the market, its segmentation and provide forecasts of the markets, analyze customers, suppliers, competitors;
  • research the strengths and weaknesses of company;
  • determine the probability of achieving and attractiveness of opportunities and threats;
  • analyze the causal relationships between opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses;
  • develop a SWOT-map of solutions: strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and opportunities, strengths and threats, weaknesses and threats;
  • define strategic, mid-term and operative objectives of the company;
  • define target indicators for each period of the strategy implementation of company;
  • show sequence and identify the necessary resources to implement approved specific measures.

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Development strategies of industry.

Our experts together with involved industry experts develop the strategy for individual sectors or markets of strategically important industrial products, directed to understanding the real situation in particular area (in particular market) and to achieve the desired conditions of industries (markets) development via implementation of our suggested specific measures utilizing strong (or weak) parties to achieve opportunities and goals (or neutralization of threats). Development strategies of industries (or markets) are directed to long-term perspective with forecase term of 10 — 20 years.

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Within our researches we:

  • determine the forecast volumes of markets and their segmentation;
  • estimate the demand on certain products (raw materials);
  • research the ratio of production and consumption;
  • evaluate condiions of capacities and give forecast of capacities development (or launching new capacities);
  • determine the impact of particular industry (market) on the world market;
  • evaluate current production, exports, imports and make the market balance for 10-20 years perspectives;
  • develop a base scenario of development of industry (market) and associated main risks;
  • prepare conclusions and recommendations.

We perform these studies both in industry and market of Ukraine and on sectors and markets of other countries.

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Long-term forecasts.

One of our services is long-term forecasts (with forecasting term of 5 — 20 years). Long-term forecasts are valuable support instrument for business owners and managers for making decisions.

In our work we develop forecasts of price conditions, market volumes, competition with individual commodity groups, estimate forecast conditions of economic development of companies, industries, regions of the world (we create forecasts of macroeconomic indicators in the long term, and also forecasts on the microeconomic level).