Project researches

Any research and planning allow predicting final result, estimating the expected effect prior to the planned activity beginning. Lack of business planning procedures leads to uncontrolled development, which finally may result in either loss of control over the process of stable development of enterprise or over profits expected by business owners.

We provide services of complex project studies, which include three stages: pre-project study, project study and creating business plan. It is possible also to prepare materials on certain range of issues.

1)     pre-project study.

At this stage we collect and analyze information on perspective directions of the project development, using the method of analogues, prototypes, using market assumptions; we analyze examples of technical and technological solutions and schemes, use current prices for goods and services in our preliminary calculations, we prepare SWOT analysis of benefits and risks of ebery possible direction of the project. We provide customers with conclusions concerning raw materials supply of manufacture and determine perspective markets for goods. Pre-project study is completed with preliminary calculations of financial and economic model of the project.

2)    project research.

After particular direction of project development is approved by customer, we perform careful research and detailed analysis of that direction of the project. We determine specific equipment supplier, negotiate with him, process and determine the target markets for products, declare and consider market access requirements and requirements for product (characteristics, packaging, labeling, certification, etc.), we perform geographic analysis and determine the particular place for the most efficient location of production facilities, we perform SWOT analysis of advantages and risks in this direction of project. As a result of project study customer receives optimal business model for a specific direction of project, developed financial and economic model and optimized financial plan for the project.

3)    creating business plan of project.

Creating business plan for particular project is the final stage of project study. Business plans are necessary for investors and managers to make decision to start investment and project realization. Investors today are often banks and investment funds, business owners and government institutions. Materials we prepare discover all important aspects of project to interested parties.

Development of business plans may require lot of time and involve various specialists (consultants, financiers, technical experts, lawyers, etc.). We have experience to organize joint work of specialists teams efficiently to ensure the fastest and quality solutions of tasks put for us by customer.

Business plan is ordered to:

  • attract start-up or additional capital
  • approve the beginning or expanding certain direction of business
  • improve efficiency of company activity (to keep existing positions, to optimize activity)
  • get support from suppliers, customers and other partners.

Business plan is like feasibility study (FS), but additionally it contains plan of actions and financial model which allows evaluating the results and risks of project. We create business plans in accordance with different standards, particlularly with EU directives (EEC number 2 from 10.89 «Decisions regarding capital expenditures»), EBRD, UNIDO and TACIS standards. As a result, our customer receives business plan in international format which is usable for raising funds as in national so in international banks and financial institutions.

Feasibility Study (FS)

Additionally to the above mentioned we prepare feasibility studies (FS) of projects. The main purpose of preparing feasibility studies is to evaluate the economic efficiency of new or existing business.

FS is like a business plan, but does not include any action plan or financial model. It means that feasibility study may be as a part of business plan so it can be prepared separately. Feasibility study shows wether it is economically feasible to start business.

Feasibility study considers three key directions:

  • market
  • technical and organizational requirements for project
  • financial component.

If the results of feasibility study are negative (indicating investment inexpediency of business idea) — such project should not get started. It is better to know it before costs are spent. Despite temptation to ignore the FS stage, it shouldn't be neglected: FS enforces initiators to put their ideas on paper, to estimate their accessibility, profitability and the level of risk.

The required amount of work is determined during the first negotiations with cutomer. Some work may not be required or cutomer may perform some works by his own resources (or have them already performed). On the other hand, complicated projects often include a range of claims and liabilities which are not included in the standard list of services.

According to the results of done work our customer receives all materials in electronic form, the list of sources used in the research process. We prepare and make a presentation on the suggested project models, we offer an efficient scheme of the governmental authorities and other participators approval which influence on decision-making concerning specific project.

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