Marketing researches

Our company performs comprehensive studies of markets and companies using the methodology of desk research, qualitative and quantitative methods.

Marketing researches allows to:

  • estimate market volumes and dynamics
  • show the market structure (filling by consumer)
  • understand the main market trends
  • show price conditions of market
  • make forecast for market (determine key factors in its development, market potential)

We perform marketing researches in the areas of machine building, power, metallurgy, chemistry, construction, food and processing industries, transport and logistics, agriculture. Geography of our researches is not limited to Ukraine: we perform the researches as for CIS countries so for far foreign countries.

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The main parts of a marketing research are:

               Dynamics of production and existing indicators.

  1. Total production
  2. Major manufacturers and their characteristic
  3. Production capacities and evaluation of existing stocks
  4. Supplies on the domestic market. The share of domestic supplies in total production


  1. Total exports
  2. Main exporters
  3. The share of exports in total production
  4. Countries of destination. Main buyers
  5. Dynamics of export prices


  1. Total imports
  2. Main importers
  3. Supplying countries. Main suppliers
  4. Dynamics of import prices

ОThe volumes of the researched products market.

  1. Total amount of products consumption
  2. Saturation breakdown of the domestic market (the main suppliers of products)
  3. Sectoral breakdown of consumption
  4. Sales channels and key consumers

Prices conditions on the market and pricing factors.

  1. Dynamics of prices (the average prices of the market)
  2. Prices of main manufacturers and suppliers by main nomenclature / assortment positions
  3. Price segmentation
  4. Price elasticity of demand
  5. Pricing factors
  6. Forming optimal pricing policy under the current market conjuncture

Forecast of market development and determining potential market niche for a period up to 5 years.

  1. Forecast of consumers
  2. Forecast of the demand on products on the market (including domestic consumption forecast, exports forecast and the expected total demand)
  3. Launching new capacities. Forecast of production and capacity utilization
  4. Forecast balance of the market.

Conclusions and recommendations.

  1. Conclusions to each part of marketing research.
  2. The most perspective directions of the market development.
  3. Recommendations for holding or developing the market segment.
  4. Recommendations concerning new market niches.

As a result of marketing research our client gets the required information about the market, which is the object of the client interest. Our works are completely adapted to the specifics of the client's business and needs of each organization.