Our researches

IDA Strategy Consultants (Industrial Development Agency, LLC) performs marketing researches, planning developments, strategies of development for companies and industries (economics sectors) and also prepares materials for initiating special or dumping investigations against unfair imports of industrial products and raw materials to Ukraine.

Clients of our company are representatives of business and governmental institutions.

Marketing researches of industrial goods

  • Dynamic of goods manufacture
  • Exports (volumes, geography, main exporters)
  • Imports (volumes, geography, main importers)
  • Market of goods and its filling breakdown
  • Market pricing conditions and pricing factors
  • Forecast of market development and potential market niche determination for a period up to 5 years
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Planning developments:

  • Pre-project research
  • Project research
  • Development of business plan for a project
  • Feasibility Study (FS)

Development strategies:

  • Strategies of companies development
  • Strategy industries development (economy sectors)
  • Long-term forecasts (macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators (in perspective of 5-20 years)

Application of trade defense instruments

  • Preparation of materials for initiating special or dumping investigations concerning unfair imports to Ukraine
  • Representing the claimant or defendant (as an economic advisor) in the process of already started trade investigations

During the period of IDA Strategy Consultants activity (since 2009) the leading Ukrainian and international companies and financial-industrial groups were using our services, in particular,

  •  Advent International Corporation, USA
  •   «Ernst & Young», LLC
  •   «Metinvest Holding», LLC
  •   «Shipping Company „Ukrrichflot“, Public JSC
  •   «Zaporiz'kyi iron ore processing plant», Closed JSC
  •   «Intertransservice» ( «ISD» group)

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Working with us is a work with a partner which understands your business and has experience in generating strategic, timely and valuable market ideas and advices. If you are looking for clarity in your competitive position, feeling the need in new strategic initiatives or looking for partners for merger or acquisition either looking for new markets — we can form a consulting team with own experts and external industry experts that best suits your needs.

IDA Strategy Consultants is registered in Ukraine and it is VAT payer.

News of our company

19.03.2013 IDA works as an advisor for Ukrainian manufacturer in the area of agribusiness

«IDA Strategy Consultants» worked as an advisor for a leading Ukrainian manufacturer concerning creating new capacities for deep processing grain crops in Ukraine …


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